7 Affordable Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom

Author: Joseph Thorne   Date Posted:4 November 2022 



Having been in the industry for decades, you can say we know a thing or three about renovating a home bathroom. For one of the smallest rooms in your home, it can very easily become an exercise that can get quite expensive if not planned out correctly.

As the proverbial saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat, there are also many ways to upgrade your bathroom in the most affordable manner!

With a few simple modifications to your existing bathroom and fixtures, you can transform it immensely without breaking the bank. Here we focus on 7 areas where you can get the most bang for your buck, with excellent brands and remarkable quality.


1) Toilet

                                                                                                                                                              Wall Hung Toilet



When renovating or designing a bathroom, the humble toilet may not be the star of the show but it is definitely something that needs to be thought about and not overlooked. Surprisingly, there are a few factors to think about when choosing the correct toilet.

When selecting a toilet suite, you will need to establish what style of toilet you currently have for a renovation or decide on which suite suits you best.

-   Wall faced toilets. Also known as back to wall toilets, have the waste pipe concealed within the body of the toilet.  They have a modern look and are easy to clean.

-   Close coupled toilets. Are where the pan and cistern are joined together, giving off more of the traditional look. One of the more popular and best toilet suites to choose.

-   Connector Toilets. Have the cistern bolted to the wall and exposed flush pipe from the cistern to the pan that is visible.

-   Wall hung toilets. Are just as the name describes, mounted to the wall and the cistern concealed behind the wall only exposing the buttons to press giving off a clean and minimalistic look.

Once you know which toilet suite is right for you, we recommend having a look at our choice of local brands, Seima and ECT Global who offer all the options and at an extremely affordable price. WELS Rating can and should also play a role in the choice and thankfully the majority of modern toilets have at least a 4 star rating. Meaning, it’s around 4.5 litres for a full flush and roughly 3 liters for a half flush.

Many residential and commercial architects have trusted these companies with their exceptional design and build quality.


2) Vanity




The humble vanity can be quite the personal space. Deciding on the look is one of the first things you should consider. Do you want it wall hung, on legs, on a kickboard? 

From there, it’s a matter of how big a space you have to play with and what kind of options you prefer, door and drawer combinations, soft close doors, handles, finger pull.

If you prefer to go smaller, one of the main benefits is to save space in your bathroom, allowing the decorative ideas to flourish. You could also save the space to add extra options such as a wall mounted heated towel rail or even a hand dryer. Going the larger route will give you extra storage space within the cabinet itself to load in all the essentials such as lotions, hair products, medicines etc.

When looking for a vanity, size does matter.
Standard sizes being: 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.

Being one of the most used fixtures in the bathroom, a vanity can alter the look and feel of the bathroom dramatically. Whether you are looking for something simple, or something bold to make that statement, our ever-expanding collection of vanities are sure to suit that design you are going for.

Have a look at Fienza for their extremely customizable options. From an extensive collection of finishes, accents and styles, they also have a selection of vanity top choices in timber, polymarble and ceramic. Their range and quality is second to none and at a very reasonable price.


3) Bathtub



We all need a little rest and relaxation in our lives and there’s nothing more important than switching off after a hard day’s work, and why not do it in the comfort of a bathtub with a good book and a glass of wine perhaps. 

The right bathtub can set the bathroom up for a luxurious look, and who says you must spend upwards of 2 to 3 thousand? Selecting what is right for your bathroom is key.
-    Are you after a freestanding bathtub making it the centerpiece of the bathroom?
Even though it may not be the best space saving option, it is definitely the most visually appealing.
-    For both the space and cost-effective option, the built-in bath may be your best bet as they can be installed right up against the wall.
-    Alternatively, if you have limited space to work with, a corner bathtub may be just what you require. Allowing you to maximise your floor space and also being a more affordable option.

Draw some inspiration with some of the most beautiful designs, built with the highest quality materials with our collection of Seima’s bathtubs. Practicality, affordability and being visually appealing are all part of Seima’s specialty. From freestanding to inset and corner bathtubs, they have something that will work for your next project.


 4) Mirror



Bathroom mirrors can get very expensive but don’t have to be. Styling your bathroom with the correct mirror can truly give it an extra sense of style and identity. 
Are you wanting something with smart technology and LED?
Or are you looking at styling your bathroom in a more fashionable way with a classy arch or oval / sphere shaped mirror?
There are many options that could work for the look you are seeking, round, framed, arched, rectangular, square. Selecting the correct one can give the illusion of a bigger space in your bathroom.
Either way you go, Remer mirrors offer something to fit every style and are also perfectly suited to those on a budget. With the latest trends in technology with touch sensor, Bluetooth and LED lit mirrors, Remer are sure to help design your bathroom into that stunning room you have always dreamt of.  
Their wide range of bathroom mirrors are not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely functional once you realise all the extra options that come with them for the low price.


 5) Basin



Selecting the correct basin can play a big role in determining the style of your bathroom.
Are you after a simple, more traditional design or a more modern take on the classic? 
It can make all the difference to the look of your bathroom, especially when paired with the appropriate mixers and tap sets. Another thing to look at when selecting a basin is the importance of space. If you are pressed for it, there are options that are perfectly suited to the smaller areas, if space isn’t an issue and you prefer a showpiece for the bathroom there are also specific types to accommodate.

Just like toilets, there are many options for a bathroom basin. Selecting what is right for you will help kick off your project. A few configurations available are:

-    Above counter. Not only the centrepiece for the vanity, but they are also great at maximising the cabinet or bench’s storage underneath.
-    Under counter. As the name suggests, are installed under the counter, offer a clean minimalist look and allow your vanity top to standout.
-    Inset basin. Sit somewhere between an above and under counter basin. They offer a slimmer profile and clean look as they rest slightly atop the bench. Like semi inset basins, they work perfectly for ensuites and smaller bathrooms where space is tight.

If you are after the more contemporary look, or going for a more classic theme, it can definitely be done on the cheap and without skimping on quality and style.
Castano offer something for every basin option and have some very unique pieces, in the looks, colour and material departments. Silver, Gold, Marble coloured with glass, solid surface vitreous China materials, all with many sizes and shapes to fit your space and budget. Take your bathroom to the next level with this humble yet important upgrade.


6) Shower System



With the shower being one of the most important parts of the bathroom, upgrading your current system plays a massive roll with your overall experience in the bathroom. 
There are many options of hand showers, spray patterns, wall / ceiling mounted shower heads and more, choosing the right one for your renovation doesn’t have to be difficult. 

-    Shower and Rose. If your project calls for something a little more traditional, these will fit the aesthetic. A straightforward shower head on an arm that can come with a larger head or smaller, dependant on your needs.
-    Hand Shower.These are wall mounted, with the shower head on a hose offering the flexibility of hard to reach places.
-    Rail Shower. The rail is wall mounted giving you the ability to position the hand piece’s height to either work as an overhead shower or can be used as a standalone hand shower.
-    Twin Shower. Offer the best of both worlds with both an overhead drencher and a hand piece. These also come in multi function with various spray settings in the handset.


As you can see, depending on your wants and space, a shower can be a simple shower head on an arm, or as elegant as a twin shower system on a rail. It doesn’t mean you have to miss out on elegance for a price.  
This is where we recommend Phoenix Tapware’s exquisite range of all style shower systems. Cutting edge designs which lead to award winning ranges. Their patented HydroSense technology which features a large rainfall showerhead that offers a wide coverage, shows that they are ahead of the curve with modern designs and forward thinking in the industry. 
From the simple shower head and rose combination to a complete twin shower system, Phoenix Tapware also offer many finishes to compliment your existing tapware. 


7) Tapware



Choosing the right bathroom tapware can put the finishing touches of perfection for your home renovation. It can be one of the less expensive ways to alter the look and styling of your bathroom. The best thing when selecting your tapware, is that there are many choices with finishes, size and style, making sure that there is something that can fit your vision. 


-    Basin Tap. Pairing the correct tap to the basin is important. If an above counter basin, a taller vessel basin mixer would be better suited. If a smaller vanity / basin combo, a wall basin set or a wall mounted 3 piece tap set would be the better choice to free up that all important space.
-    Bath Tap. Just like the basin set, pairing the right set to your bathtub can be make a big difference in the design department. There are the more traditional 3 piece tap sets to a contemporary 2 piece back plated mixer set, to even the modern designed 1 piece mixer and spout set.
-    Shower Tap. Mixers can come with or without a diverter, meaning if you have a shower and bath combination, the diverter lets you choose which way the water flows. 


Matching basin taps to shower mixers and bath sets can be detrimental to your project, yet can be done quite simply and effectively with Nero tapware. With many models across their brand, Nero Tapware offer a multitude of options in many finishes and all at modest pricing. Aged brass, brushed bronze and graphite offer a uniqueness that not many other brands have available. Designed by their own in house team in Australia, you know you are supporting local and getting outstanding quality in a name you can trust.