About Us

For more than 50 years Swan Street Sales has been an institution, neatly nestled within the Richmond community.

Standing tall and strong through the decades, the store has survived in difficult markets and economic climates, dealing the public with a friendly, old fashioned approach.

But, after all that time without an online selling portal, Swan Street is finally embracing net by launching its state of the art, eCommerce selling platform, swanstreet.com.au.

In keeping with Swan Street’s ethos of ‘doing things properly’, our online store is a user friendly, service orientated, function over form store to keep inline with our already time tested Bricks and Mortar shop.

With this easy to use platform, we aim to bring you the same level of excellent customer service online that our customers have learned to expect more than 50 years of trading. 


Weekly Container Imports:

We import a wide range of replica and original furniture to our store each week, with the most competitive prices in Australia.

Each piece is sourced for its quality, and ability to blend in with a wide range of home or office decors.

We also stock a huge range of local products. If you can’t find it in store, or online, why not ask one of our friendly sales staff and we’ll order it in for you.