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Author: Joseph Thorne   Date Posted: 4 November 2022  



Having been in the industry for decades, you can say we know a thing or three about renovating a home bathroom. For one of the smallest rooms in your home, it can very easily become an exercise that can get quite expensive if not planned out correctly.

As the proverb...

Author: Tony Corso / Paris Spiro   Date Posted: 22 August 2015  

Where do we start on Bathroom renovations? Any ideas?

Here is a list of most popular products and why they are making an impact on your home renovation ideas.

1. Black Tapware : The most fashionable must have for your bathroom in 2015. Constructed from solid brass and electroplated black finish (Phoenix tapware), black bathroom tapware will be with us for years to come.

2. Freestanding Baths : Freestanding baths are making a return statement. They are trending right now due to the easy installation whereby no framing or tiling is required. Giving your bathroom an overall great modern desig...


There was once a time when the home office was used seldomly but with today’s current climate, there has never been a room in the home that has seen more use over the years exponentially. Of course, with that growth, there are many factors that we now have to consider.
For one, the most important being ergonomics. Gone are the days where you can simply pull up a dining room chair and sit at the desk for a few hours. We now know the importance of an ergonomic office chair. From a drafting chair for architects to the standard desk office chair. There are some things to consider.

The standard desk has also been transformed...