Sylex E Screen Modular Floor Desk Divider 1200 x 1200mm Flat Grey (per Panel)

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Sylex Ergonomics has been designing and manufacturing top quality office furniture integrating between office machines and people approaching the need to work together in a way that is comfortable, productive, and fun.


Model : EFSF1212G

Size : 1200mm high x 1200mm wide

Colour : Grey 

Also available in Blue

Users can quickly and simply remove the universal joining post and change the configurations of their screens. Because there is only one basic universal joining post you can change the entire layout of your office without needing extra parts or expert help.

Join 2 way 3 way or 4 way at any right angle all with the same joiner. Each floor screen comes with the universal joiner at one end. There is no need to specify or lock into a particular configuration.

As soon as you create a 90 degree corner e-screens become stable and freestanding for creating long straight runs we recommend either a small ‘return’ piece or bracing to existing furniture with optional brackets. e-SCREENS are slightly elevated with an adjustable glide allowing for height adjustments in out of level floors and to create a cable pass-through.


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