Beer Garden Timber Bench Outdoor Furniture 1500 Galvanised Steel

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Bench: 1500mm (w) x 370mm (d) c 46mm (h)

Fully Galvanised Steel Frame
Hardwood Timber 
Fully Galvanised and Hardwood Timber Beer Garden Bench Suited for 1800 Table


Certain timber species tend to discharge Tannins and sap.
Due to this; it is recommneded that the timber is hosed down once purchased until it "bleeds out"
Once dried; it should be stained with a couple of coats of a decking oil available at your local hardware store
or a simple mixture of 20% Linseed oil and 80% turpentine.
We advise you do this twice a year if undercover (alfresco); once before Summer and once before Winter.

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