Australian Masonite Board Vinyl Sheet Flooring Underlay Hardboard from Recycled Materials

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Size : 122cm L x 91.5cm W x 5.5mm H
100% Chemical Free - Wood + Water + Heat + Pressure = Chemical free MasoniteTM Underlay.
No formaldehyde!
100% Recycled Materials - MasoniteTM Hardboard is made from hardwood waste sourced as sawmill residue and forest thinnings.

This Masonite underlay is used by the DIY and professional alike. Creating at flat sub-floor for different floor coverings to be laid on top. Used over strip timber particleboard plywood and concrete floors to provide a flat uniform indent resistant base for resilient sheet floor coverings.
So you can then lay your vinyl flooring on a flat surface to eliminate bumps and cracking. Masonite� Underlay is a timber-based product that complies to AS:1884-1985 Floor Coverings - Resilient Sheet and Tiles - Laying and Maintenance Practices.


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