Abey Schock Kitchen Sink Designer Christadur Signus D-200 Stone

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For years Abey Australia has been providing fellow Australians quality products that have endured the test of time. Renowned for their focus on quality and innovation Abey Products are held in the highest regard.

The Premium CRISTADUR® material sets extraordinary standards in terms of surface feel, practicality and aestetics.

Coloured taps in CRISTADUR® are available exclusively from SCHOCK, identical in colour and material to SCHOCK’s high-end granite sinks.

DIMENSIONS: 1160mm x 500mm
SCHOCK D200 Stone

WELS Rating : N/A

This handsome German engineered and designed Schock sink is a stylish addition to any designer kitchen. 
Along with its silky smooth finish this sink is stain resistant and harbours far less bacteria than conventional sinkware.


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