Methven Overhead Satinjet Round Drencher Satin Chrome OSRO216SCPAU

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Methven offers award-winning collections of expertly crafted tapware and beautifully designed showerware combining leading-edge water technology with enduring style.


High Pressure

Features the revolutionary Satinjet spray design. Twin jets of water collide into thousands of tiny droplets to deliver voluminous shower coverage

216mm roundoverhead drencher featuring Satinjet spray

Easy-to-clean faceplate

Brass adjustable ball joint connection

Suitable for use with Methven's designer ceiling or wall arms

A full-body shower experience like no other. Exclusive to Methven. Satinjets® colliding twin jets produce over 300000 droplets of water per second for the ultimate shower experience.

Ultimate immersion Enjoy the ultimate Satinjet shower with ultra wide spray for an immersive full body experience. Suitable for larger bathroom and shower spaces.

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