Floating Floor Polyolefin Underlay 1m Wide Noise Reduction Damp Proof

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Combi-Lay Standard is a good quality, medium density polyolefin underlay for all floating floor applications. It incorporates a continuous clear damp-proof with 100mm overlap and integrated “peel and stick”. 

Combi-Lay Standard Benefits

  • easy to handle – 2mm thick x 1m wide
  • continuous damp proofing in one application*
  • integrated peel and stick strip
  • lay flat polymers for easy installation
  • will not hold water, and will not mildew
  • compatible with standard trims ▪ low cost


  • thickness supplied: 2mm
  • water vapour transmission rate: 4.62g/m2.24hr
  • water absorption: 0.07mg/cm2
  • compr. strength at 25% compression: 30kPa

The benchmark underlay for all applications


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