Bridgestone AIRSTEP Rubber Underlay Platinum per Broadloom Metre Grey

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Airstep Australia manufactures, warehouses and distributes the Airstep range of carpet underlays and is seen as a market leader in the floorcovering industry in Australia.

120cm wide
12 lineal mtrs per roll $11.33 per lineal metre.
$34 per carpet broadloom metre
This is an ideal underlay for domestic use manufactured from Bridgestone. It allows air to circulate under the carpet which can assist in increasing the life span of your carpet.
It is the underlay that assists in the cushioning feel under your carpet. The better the underlay the more cushioning under foot.
You need an underlay that will provide the underfoot comfort you desire plus deliver vital support for the carpet to ensure that you will get the maximum life out of your carpet whilst delivering that luxurious underfoot feel you enjoy so much.


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